Our story

You’d have to be crazy to start a digital marketing agency three months before your first baby is due. Yet, in February of 2020, at a local Baltimore Brewery, that’s exactly what our founder Andy did.

After years of swapping agency war stories with colleagues over coffees or beers just like this one, this time was different. After Andy described how he would do things differently, his coworker said “well why don’t you?” Perhaps it was the beer, or maybe misguided optimism, but after a bit of thought and with the unconditional support of his amazing wife, Austin – on that day, PPC Pitbulls was born.

Over the years, we’ve realized one big truth: working with great people making great products the right way offers us all increased opportunities for successful partnerships (plus, it’s more fun!). Our mission is to partner with these incredible people and brands to bring their valuable products to more customers; companies we’ve come to call “Craft Brands.”

Today, PPC Pitbulls is a team of digital marketing experts who have a voracious appetite for learning, staying at the forefront of trends and leveraging them to drive success for their clients. Our greatest strength lies in taking the time to understand our clients business goals, charting a course with custom strategies as unique as our partners’ products.

“Each unique product deserves its own complimentary, handcrafted strategy.”

Why Work With PPC Pitbulls?

Unique Needs Demand Unique Solutions

At PPC Pitbulls, we bring a different approach than other agencies you may have worked with. Your company challenges how people think about your products, so you need marketing strategies that do the same.

Our approach is built on a deep and personal understanding of your business. We take the time to get to know you and your values so we can craft a strategy built around your goals. While impressions, clicks, and top-line revenues are essential, we look for the deeper needs driving your business.

Some examples of business goals we’ve helped our partners achieve:

  • Increasing revenues and brand recognition in defined geographical areas 
  • Pushing specific higher-margin product lines
  • Educating customers on features and benefits they didn’t know they were looking for 
  • Using paid marketing to smooth demand across seasonal business cycles
  • Tracking and understanding customer behavior to deliver unique, actionable insights

Tailored Service With Results

We leverage the latest strategies in paid search, social media, and email marketing. That means no cookie-cutter approaches. We are the best in the business at tracking onsite customer conversion actions, and understanding how they contribute to the metrics that matter to you. 

We’ll work with you to understand what your business needs to move forward, and measure your progress against those well-defined performance metrics. Our team’s expertise and years of experience deliver you first-class care and attention at all times.

We look forward to working with you; book your free strategy session today.

What Is A Craft Brand?

Craft Brands are companies focused on creating valuable products the right way; small brands, built from scratch, looking to disrupt and challenge the status quo. They offer products customers are proud to use.

Craft Brands usually have a mission and higher sense of purpose. This could be empowering others, giving back to the community, or creating a more fair, more sustainable world. At their core, it comes down to quality products and authentic connections with their customers.

Marketing Craft Brands is our focus because it’s not about gimmicks, or fooling people into buying something. It is about using cutting edge technologies to develop authentic connections with customers, showing them the inherent value of great products.

Building authentic connections has become more critical than ever in the era of eCommerce. Brands are beginning to realize that customers yearn for a deeper relationship with the creators and makers of their products. True value goes beyond the cheapest option on Amazon. Today’s customer is willing to spend more time and money on products that speak to them personally. They want brands that match their values, and products they can proudly eat, wear, and use.

Our mission is to help drive this connection.