Fat Boy Surf Club: Redefining Surf Culture & Building Authentic Community

Meet Ryan Rock, the co-founder and CEO of Fat Boy Surf Club (FBSC), who's taking the surf apparel industry by storm with a fresh perspective: keeping it casual, having fun, and not taking life too seriously. In this episode, we dive deep into the brand’s journey from its origin story amidst the pandemic to its exponential growth, philanthropic endeavors, and the essence of being a 'Fat Boy' in spirit.

What we discussed

(00:48) Origins of Fat Boy Surf Club - An unconventional start during uncertain times.

(02:29) Growth Trajectory - From an idea to 11,000 orders and becoming a full-time venture.

(08:06) Empowering Customers - Leveraging user-generated content and the power of micro-influencers.

(11:43) Secret Sauce of FBSC - Prioritizing customer service, quality, and nurturing a tight-knit community.

(17:24) A Different Approach to Surfing - Emphasizing fun, inclusivity, and enjoying the company of friends.

(20:35) Giving Back - Adopting manatees and supporting aquatic conservation while engaging the community.

(26:15) The Fun Element - Why the brand's jovial nature resonates.

(28:58) Lessons from the Journey - Reflections and advice for budding brands.

(34:24) Transitioning Agencies - The journey of finding the right fit in marketing partnerships.

4 Insights from Fat Boy Surf Club's Rise:

  1. Authenticity is Key: Staying genuine and true to the brand's essence brings people back.
  2. The Power of 'Club': Making customers feel like they're part of the journey fosters loyalty and advocacy.
  3. Leveraging Community: Tapping into the passionate community of surfers differentiates FBSC from conventional surf brands.
  4. Philanthropy Opens Doors: Giving back is not just altruistic; it's a catalyst for brand growth and resonance.

"We've found that it's been much more effective to have someone that is actually passionate about your brand and wants to help and see it grow versus paying for, say, an influencer." - Ryan Rock, co-founder and CEO of Fat Boy Surf Club.


Fat Boy Surf Club: Website | Instagram | Facebook

FBSC’s work with the Save the Manatee Foundation

Connect with Ryan Rock: LinkedIn

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