Andy featured on Lunch with Norm

Andy Janaitis, the founder and chief strategist at PPC Pitbulls, joined the 'Lunch with Norm' podcast on November 10th, sharing invaluable insights into the world of Google Ads and e-commerce. Episode 518, featuring this PPC Pitbull, offered a deep dive into strategies for driving direct-to-consumer (DTC) results.

Demystifying E-Commerce Marketing

Andy's approach to digital marketing is refreshingly straightforward. His expertise lies in demystifying e-commerce marketing, focusing on using Google Ads to deliver measurable results. Andy's strategy revolves around understanding a business's unique narrative, simplifying complex concepts, utilizing data-driven decisions, and swiftly pivoting toward success.

How to Watch

For those who missed the live broadcast, the episode is available on the Lunch with Norm Facebook page. Simply visit the page and click on the video from November 10th. Remember, the best way to tap into this fountain of knowledge is by joining the community at Lunch with Norm.