Andy Featured On Marketing The Invisible Podcast

In this episode of Marketing the Invisible, Tom Poland and Andy Janaitis discuss the importance of measuring your marketing metrics.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Tom Poland

In just seven minutes, Tom has Andy share:

His ideal client: eCommerce brands looking toward measured metrics to get results. Plus other agencies looking to offer his service to their clients.

What problem he solves: That gap. What happens once people land on your page? It’s one thing to get people there, but it’s important to know what happens next. Are they completing the call to action?

What would cause a business to need PPC Pitbulls’ services: If someone doesn’t know their cost per acquisition or return on ad spend, or can’t articulate why this or that didn’t work for them.

Major mistakes people make with advertising: running paid traffic without tracking conversions, focusing on the wrong metrics, and jumping on trends.

Valuable Free Action (VFA): get Google Analytics installed on your site and use tag manager.

Valuable Free Resource (VFR): - Digital Marketing Maturity Roadmap, free strategy session.

What’s the one question that should have been asked but wasn’t? Do I need to update GA4 - the newest version of Google Analytics? The answer is YES; you do need to get it updated. Universal Analytics will no longer be available after July of 2023.

Thanks, Tom!

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