Andy Featured On The Good Food CFO Podcast

Andy joins Sarah Delevan to talk Google Ads on the Good Food CFO podcast! Sarah asked the question many people are asking today: “Are Google Ads still a thing?”

Andy dispels the myth that those ads have been replaced by social media ads, then helps us all understand who is ready for Google ads. 

In making the decision on readiness for Google ads, Sarah and Andy discuss why looking at your margins is important, and that considering your COGS and shipping costs must be done before you can look at what type of ROAS you can expect.

Other things to consider when looking at Google Ads:

  • What is Lifetime Customer Value? Can you spend a little more to acquire that customer knowing they’ll stick around and make more purchases?
  • Can you use Shopify or other services to track Conversion & Revenue?
  • How can you use Email Marketing to develop relationships with your customers?
  • What Metrics should you look at, and should you begin with micro-conversions?
  • How can you learn to talk to people using the same language they are using to think about your products?

But first: Know what your goals are and understand that not every strategy is right for every business at the same time.

Have a listen to learn why Google Ads are still a thing and what you can expect from using them when the time is right for your business.

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