Andy Featured on Umai's Social Circle Podcast

In a recent interview with UMAI, a digital marketing agency, Andy, the founder of PPC Pitbulls, shared his insights on Google Ads and how small business owners can effectively use them to grow their businesses. Here are the main points from the interview:

Understanding Google Ads

The first step in using Google Ads is to understand the platform and its basic principles. While some automated approaches have made it simpler to run ads, it's still important to have a good grasp of the strategy and goals of the ad campaign. Newcomers to advertising should read through some training materials before jumping in to avoid wasting money.

Setting up Google Ads

Once the basics of Google Ads are understood, the next step is to set up an effective campaign. Shopify makes this easy with apps that allow data reports to be sent to Google Ads campaigns. A focus on shopping campaigns is recommended, which involves feeding product data, images, headlines, and descriptions into the Google ecosystem that goes over to the merchant center.

The main campaign type recommended is Performance Max, which runs shopping carousel ads and standard search ads. Branded Search campaigns are also useful for brands to defend their name and ensure that customers land on their website rather than a competitor's or reseller's site.

Optimizing Google Ads

Optimizing Google Ads campaigns involves understanding the campaign goals and target ROAS, and reviewing the performance of campaigns, down to the individual asset level. This helps identify areas where the target is not being met and allows for optimization by turning off low-performing campaigns and increasing the budget for high-performing campaigns. Automated strategies such as Max Conversion Value or Target ROAS Bidding Strategy are also recommended.

Training and Support

For more personalized training, Andy offers a free 30-minute strategy session through his company's website, where businesses can get to know the team and discuss their unique business goals.


In summary, small business owners can effectively use Google Ads to grow their businesses by understanding the platform, setting up effective campaigns, optimizing them, and seeking training and support when necessary. With the right approach and guidance, Google Ads can be a powerful tool in a business's digital marketing toolkit.

Listen to the podcast here!