Andy Featured on UpGrowth Commerce Podcast

Andy was recently featured on Jordan West's UpGrowth Commerce Podcast! He shared his expertise in navigating the world of digital marketing, specifically focusing on Google Ads and the importance of prioritizing what truly matters. In this blog post, we delve into the key takeaways for e-commerce businesses looking to scale effectively and efficiently.

Tackling Customer Acquisition Cost and Scaling Strategies

Andy identifies customer acquisition cost as one of the main challenges faced by craft brands. He emphasizes the importance of simplifying digital marketing efforts, starting small, and measuring progress. Brands should first achieve profitability and then scale based on what works.

Account audits are a crucial first step, examining what's working and what isn't and learning from competitors' strategies. Timelines for getting up and running on Google Ads may vary, but understanding business goals, developing a strategy, and monitoring progress is essential for long-term success.

Navigating Long-Term Growth, Branded Keywords, and Performance Max

Long-term growth with Google Ads may take time, but branded keywords play a vital role in controlling ad listings and staying ahead of competitors. It's essential not to exceed 15-20% of the total ad budget for branded search.

Performance Max is a game changer for businesses with smaller budgets, offering impressive ROAS numbers. Though there are concerns about the loss of targeting and reporting capabilities, the expectation is that reporting will improve over time. Businesses with smaller budgets should prioritize Performance Max campaigns, as running multiple campaigns can hinder the ad models' learning process.

Consolidating Ad Campaigns and Leveraging Google's Machine Learning

Fewer data points are needed for Google Ads as compared to Facebook Ads. For accounts with a $10,000 monthly budget, it's crucial to consider goals before dividing that budget among multiple campaigns. Consolidation is key, and businesses should avoid splitting campaigns too much. When it comes to asset groups within a Performance Max campaign, think in terms of logical breaks in product lines and let Google decide which assets to use. The secret to scaling is knowing your goals and measuring progress.

Andy's Favorite Tool, Podcast, and Life Priorities

Andy's favorite tool is Google Analytics for its simplicity, accessibility, and ability to provide a comprehensive picture of a website's performance. His favorite podcast is "Animal Spirits," a financial investing and personal finance podcast. When asked what he would do if he only had a year to live, Andy emphasizes the importance of spending time with his family and setting up his young children for life.


Andy's insights on optimizing Google Ads and harnessing machine learning offer valuable advice for e-commerce businesses looking to scale. His focus on prioritizing family and what truly matters serves as a reminder that success goes beyond numbers and profits. Connect with Andy on LinkedIn and check out PPC People's website for an audit package and free strategy session.

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