Andy Featured on the Better Than Rich Podcast

Andy was featured on the Better Than Rich podcast with Mike Abramowitz! Andy and Mike caught up about the best way to get started with Paid Ads and how to protect your investment when starting with Google and Meta Ads. They covered everything from setup and conversion tracking to ad optimization, and the future of the Paid Ads space. Check it out below:


00:00:00 - Meet Andy Janaitis: Master of Google and Meta Advertising

00:02:15 - Secrets of Effective Ad Campaigns Revealed

00:03:48 - Why Conversion Tracking is the Key to Successful Marketing

00:05:22 - Measuring Impact: The Foundation of Digital Marketing Success

00:07:44 - Tips and Tricks for Overcoming Common Obstacles

00:12:57 - The Real Challenges in Digital Marketing

00:16:03 - Solutions That Work

00:19:34 - Exploring Email Marketing: Engaging Your Audience the Right Way

00:23:10 - Email Tactics for Customer Retention

00:25:49 - Cold Emails: Do They Work?

00:29:54 - The Future of Small to Medium Business Marketing

00:34:31 - Wrap-Up: Exclusive Offers and Takeaways for Our Listeners