Candles, Cocktails, and Commerce with Alicia Reisinger from Wax Buffalo

Wax Buffalo isn't just a candle company; it's a story of passion transforming into a thriving business. Alicia Reisinger, founder of Wax Buffalo, delves into her journey from storytelling in media to crafting scents in the heart of the Midwest. Discover how authenticity, community, and a unique approach to e-commerce and retail fuel Wax Buffalo’s growth.

What We Discussed:

(00:46) Starting in the kitchen: The birth of Wax Buffalo

(03:27) Transitioning from media to business: Learning curves

(07:52) Balancing e-commerce with brick-and-mortar retail

(12:09) Engaging community through events and local presence

(15:32) Evolving marketing strategies: Instagram to pop-ups

(18:42) The importance of storytelling in branding

(32:55) Looking ahead: Expanding Wax Buffalo's reach

4 Takeaways from the Episode:

  1. Start with Passion, Grow with Purpose:
    Alicia’s journey shows that a business can sprout from a personal passion. Her love for storytelling and creating scents led to a unique brand.
  2. Embrace the Learning Process:
    Transitioning from a career in media to running a business presented challenges, especially in inventory management, but Alicia’s willingness to learn played a key role in her success.
  3. Community Engagement is Key:
    Wax Buffalo’s growth has been significantly influenced by its strong local community ties, from hosting events to building a physical presence in the heart of Lincoln, Nebraska.
  4. Storytelling Drives Brand Identity:
    Alicia’s background in storytelling has been instrumental in creating a compelling brand narrative that resonates with customers, setting Wax Buffalo apart in a crowded market.

Find Wax Buffalo: Website | Instagram
Connect with Alicia: LinkedIn