Crafting A Unique Product Identity with Delisa Harper from Funky Mello

Looking to shake up the e-commerce game and create an innovative consumer packaged goods (CPG) brand? Enter Funky Mello, a vegan marshmallow company that's paving its way in the industry with a unique product, innovative marketing strategies, and inspiring entrepreneurial journey. Their story is a testament to how thinking outside the box can transform a niche product into a market success.

The Funky Mello Product

A centerpiece of Funky Mello's success is their unique product. As Delisa Harper, the co-founder, puts it: their product is not quite like any other cold product, nor is it similar to any other shelf-stable marshmallow products.

One of their major breakthroughs was ensuring their marshmallow cream, which is stored in the refrigerator, lasts for six months, whether open or closed. This is a significant advantage over typical cold products that may only last a week or two once opened. Moreover, their product freezes well, adding another six months to its shelf life.

Overcoming Shipping Challenges

In the era of online shopping, one of the biggest challenges for any cold product is shipping. The goal for Funky Mello was to get their product to the customer without it separating, as it is a cold product shipped with cold packs. They've successfully managed to keep the product solid during transit, even if it's not super cold. Upon receiving the product, customers are instructed to store it in the fridge or freezer, and it can be stirred up if it separates, keeping the product integrity intact.

Innovative In-store Placement

Funky Mello's innovation extends to its in-store placement strategy. Their product is versatile enough to be placed in three different sections within a store: next to frozen waffles, in the dairy section with yogurt and puddings, and even in the produce section. This gives stores the opportunity to experiment with product placement and increases the product's visibility.

A Unique Brand Identity

Behind Funky Mello's business journey lies a story that's as unique as its product. As a minority-owned, woman-owned vegan marshmallow-making company, they're truly one-of-a-kind. Their brand story is infused with their love for color and good times, elements that resonate with their customers and are reflected in their products and website.

Tips for Fellow CPG Owners

  • Product Innovation: Take a page out of Funky Mello's book and seek ways to differentiate your product, from its formulation to its packaging and shelf life.
  • Overcoming Shipping Challenges: Consider factors such as temperature control and product integrity when shipping perishable products.
  • Unique In-Store Placement: Think about where your product fits in a store, and don't be afraid to try unconventional placements.
  • Brand Identity: Create a brand that reflects your values and story. Authenticity resonates with customers.