Andy Featured on the Millionaire University Podcast

Andy sat down with Brien Gearin on the Millionaire University Podcast. Andy and Brien discussed the importance of focusing on cost-per-lead and return on ad spend (ROAS) over ranking positions in search engines. They also covered common mistakes, effective strategies, and the significance of understanding one's audience and tracking conversions for sustained growth. They finished up with an analysis of the right questions to ask when choosing an agency to partner on your digital marketing journey. Don't miss this one, check it out below!

Here's what the chatted about:

+ The Journey of PPC Pitbulls: From Start-Up to Niche Mastery

+ Unlocking the Secrets to Profitable Paid Ads

+ Laying the Foundation: Steps to Start with Paid Ads

+ Common Pitfalls in Paid Advertising and How to Avoid Them

+ The Art of Measurement: The Key to Ad Success

+ Choosing the Right Time for Paid Advertising

+ Google vs. Meta: Where to Invest Your Ad Budget

+ Maximizing Your Ad Budget: Strategies for New Businesses

+ The Importance of Consistency and Measurement in Ads

+ Navigating the Complex World of Keyword Bidding

+ The Myth of Ranking Number One on Google

+ Choosing the Right Platform for E-commerce Success

+ Finding the Right Agency: Questions to Ask