Takasa's Ethical Journey with Kuljit Rakhra

In this episode, we are joined by Kuljit Rakhra, the co-founder of Takasa, a brand renowned for its certified organic and fair trade bed linens. Kuljit shares the journey of Takasa, from its inception right before the pandemic to its growth strategies and future plans. Dive into the world of sustainable and ethical bedding with insights from a brand that's making rest ethical.

What we discussed:

  • (00:44) The origin story of Takasa and how it was founded just a week before the pandemic.
  • (06:00) The rigorous process of ensuring the brand's claims of being organic and fair trade are genuine.
  • (12:03) The challenges and strategies of data sharing and partnerships.
  • (15:04) The importance of refreshing content and striking a balance between creating new content and recycling existing content.
  • (17:28) The pressure of content creation and the value of authenticity.
  • (24:43) Takasa's growth trajectory, its expansion plans into the US market, and the logistics of shipping to the US.

3 Key Takeaways:

  1. Authenticity and Verification: “I went out to India visited eight factories, and sort of made sure that the claims we're making are true.” It's crucial to ensure that the claims your brand makes, especially regarding sustainability and ethical practices, are genuine. Personal visits and third-party audits can help in this verification process.
  2. Content Strategy: “It's evergreen. Whenever we add a new color or a new product, we do a photoshoot.” While there's always pressure to create new content, it's essential to understand that recycling content is equally valuable. Remember, not everyone remembers what was posted months ago, so repurposing can be effective.
  3. Market Expansion: Before expanding into new markets, it's beneficial to understand the logistics and demand from those regions. For instance, even without advertising in the US, Takasa noticed a significant portion of their sales coming from there, indicating potential for expansion.

Find Takasa:

Website: https://www.takasa.co/

Kuljit on LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/kuljit-rakhra